Enroll NOW for Healthcare Benefits

Given the election outcome, we wanted to provide a brief update on open enrollment for healthcare benefits. 

Repeal or amendment of the Affordable Care Act is high on the list of changes the incoming administration wants to make beginning in January. No one is yet sure what it means, how much they’ll repeal, whether there will be a transition period for consumers, whether there will be a replacement program, etc.

So what does that mean for you?

For now, nothing has changed. You can still enroll in healthcare coverage through January 31st. Consumers who enroll and pay their first premium by December 15th will have coverage starting January 1. Consumers can still receive financial help to enroll in coverage, and use that coverage to access care. Any changes that may be made to the ACA will not impact consumers until after the new Administration and Congress is sworn in, and even if they do choose to make changes, those changes may not impact consumers for a year or more.

What can you do?

We need your help to make sure our community is enrolled by Jan. 31st and that the most significant health care nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people in history remain in place. Please tell your friends that The Heath Initiative has healthcare navigators on staff to answer questions and help them enroll in health insurance. Also, Out2Enroll will be promoting LGBTQ Enrollment Week of Action, which begins on Dec. 5th, so please mark your calendar and stay tuned.

Outreach and enrollment is one way to show our community’s collective strength. If anything changes about coverage options for 2017, we will be here to help you understand what it means for you. Thank you for your continued partnership and for joining us in this fight.

Brigid Scarbrough, Programs & Project Manager


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