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Start Enrollment

Before You Proceed

NoReallyStopAre you living with HIV? We encourage you to wait until the available plans have been analyzed by service organizations that are focused on HIV issues. Speak with your AIDS Service Organization Case Manager to verify which plans they accept. If you would like to be notified with HIV related updates, simply complete this form.


Do you still have questions? You can begin shopping the Marketplace and comparing prices, without formally committing to a plan. If you get stuck or don’t understand something, ask for help. Once you’ve created a login in the site, you can come back to your options later, without re-entering all of your information.

bigstock-shiny-icon-with-the-word-Go-44047333Ready to check out your options? Let’s get started! Click the appropriate link below and you’ll be taken to the Marketplace portal. Because Georgia chose not to set up its own Marketplace, Georgians shop through the federal site.

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