Healing Angel

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Individual Winner:
Paul Plate (left picture) is our individual 2015 Healing Angel Award recipient. He heads into his retirement after more than 20 years as executive director of Positive Impact. The agency was the first in Atlanta to offer support for the often unseen, too-often ignored health facet of HIV: mental health consequences of people diagnosed and living with the disease. Positive Impact provides that counseling.

Organizational Winner:
Our organizational Healing Angel this year is the Equality Clinic in Augusta (right picture). Opened in September, the facility is the first LGBT free clinic in the state. It is a project of the medical students Georgia Regents University. Equality Clinic has an LGBT focus, but its judgment and discrimination-free, cost-free primary care services are available to anyone who is below the poverty line, uninsured or underinsured.

Past Healing Angel Award Recipients

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2014 – Jeff Graham, Georgia Equality
2012 – The Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
2011 – Dr. Patrick Coleman, Piedmont Physicians Group
2010 – Dr. Jason Schneider, Emory University and Grady Healthcare

2010 Jason Schnieder 2010

2009 – The Center for Black Women’s Wellness

2009 CBWW 2009

2008 – Anne “Sarge” Barr

2008 Anne Barr 2008

2007 – The Feminist Women’s Health Center

2007 FWHC 2007

2006 – Dr. Kate O’Hanlan

2006 Dr. Kate O'Hanlan 2006

2005 – Dorothy Galloway, RN

2005 Dorothy Galloway 2005

2004 – Shirley Adams

2004 Shirley Adams 2004

2003 – Dr. Bill Barber

2003 Dr. Bill Barber 2003

2002 – Charis Books and More
2002 Charis Books and More
2001 – Linda McGehee, PhD, RN

2001 Linda McGehee

2000 – Dr. Toni Rossi
1999 – Dr. Rogsbert Phillips
1998 – Dr. Janice Galleshaw

1998 Dr Janice Galleshaw