Request for Assistance
Request for Assistance

The Health Initiative’s Community Health Fund exists to provide support to un- or underinsured Georgians.  When the application for the Community Health Fund is open, you may apply at the link below.

The Health Fund is a payer of “last resort,” meaning it exists to provide support when all other resources and options available to me have been used.

The Community Health Fund may be used only to assist with 1) annual physical exams/HRT appointments, 2) breast health services, and 3) limited prescription assistance.  Other essential health services, including mental/behavioral health, may be considered on a case-by-case basis, but no guarantee of support is provided. 

The Community Health Fund CANNOT be used to assist with medical devices or peripherals; housing, transportation, food, clothing, or personal care items; vision or dental services or devices; supplements or vitamins; elective procedures such as laser hair removal, top/bottom surgeries, binding supplies, enhancement supplies, weight loss products, fertility treatments, and other procedures not listed that fall in this similar category; naturopath, holistic services, acupuncture, reiki, or other similar health treatments; telemedicine services with providers located outside the State of Georgia.


The Community Health Fund Application will be delayed in opening for 2020. 

Please click this paragraph to go to the Waitlist Form and enter your information to be added to the Waitlist.  We will contact applicants on a first-come, first-served basis as services are available.

If you have requests for other services, please feel free to contact our office


Our Low Cost Medical Clinic Partners*

Grady Health System

Center for Black Women’s Wellness

Metropolitan Counseling Services

AbsoluteCARE Atlanta

Planned Parenthood of Georgia

*The locations listed above have formal partnerships with The Health Initiative, but are not the only facilities referrals can be made to. The Health Initiative works hard to find good placement for all Health Fund applicants, regardless of their geographic location in Georgia.

History of the Health Fund

The Health Initiative Health Fund was launched in 2008 to help address the needs of under and uninsured lesbians in our community. The Fund was expanded in 2011 to include any uninsured or under-insured LGBTQ person. It is more important today than ever before. The Health Fund is truly “us helping each other.” If you can give, please click on the “Donate” button to the right.  Please remember, without your contribution* there is no Health Fund. *



Contributions to the Health Fund are earmarked for healthcare expenses and are tax deductible.