Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act

Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act

ATLANTA – The Health Initiative commends the Supreme Court on today’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act.  Upholding the individual mandate was crucial in keeping the ACA intact. This is the best possible outcome for LGBTQ Americans, especially those that currently have no access to health coverage.

Linda Ellis, Health Initiative Executive Director stated, “With LGBTQ community members often lacking in options for health insurance for a variety of reasons, including unemployment, under employment, and denial of domestic partner benefits in a significant number of workplaces, this is a huge victory.” Ellis went on to explain, “Today’s decision allows the ACA to move forward and be fully implemented.”

The ACA will provide all Americans with affordable options for coverage, the same type of quality coverage members of Congress receive. In addition, the ACA allows for an expansion of access to Medicaid and preventative care provided by Medicare, places priority on cultural competency trainings for providers, and makes prescription drugs (including HIV medications) more affordable.

The ACA is lengthy and complex. We recognize that for most individuals, this act is difficult to fully understand. We recommend that everyone spends time with the following resources:

Healthcare and You: Understanding the individual mandate – This is a great, easy to understand breakdown of what the individual mandate is and who is effected.

Timeline of the Affordable Care Act – This interactive timeline explains each phase of the Affordable Care Act and when certain changes will take effect. Several elements of the ACA are already in place.


James Parker Sheffield
Director of Organizational Development
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